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Street Slamin Dance Centre 2019

Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance Classes

Please note that we recommend all students attending their class first before committing to the term-you will not be charged a fee unless the student decides to continue the Term

Price for the full term (10 Week term)
per student $154.00 inc gst
**please note that our fees are due upfront for the full term (as per invoice given on first lesson)

Our studio is located 140 Hammond Ave (Flex it gym complex) and you will see our Dance Centre from the carpark!

Hip Hop/Jazz Attire:
We recommend all students bringing a drink bottle and wearing casual comfy clothes you can move in-shoes are optional!for jazz we ask you wear tight fitted clothes easy enough to dance in!

**Our Ballet classes are casual -still offering the correct structure of the genre but we do not offer or hold ballet exams

Ballet Attire:
First week does not matter wear anything comfy!
If choosing to continue the term we recommend all students wearing a black leotard-tights and ballet shoes etc are optional!

*Please note we have a strict policy that we do not allow Parents to watch in the studio areas as we want all our dancers to have the best hour with us with no distractions!

Callie Batkin
Street Slamin Dance Centre